Lynne, my husband Jack & Gayle Macleod

Lynne, my husband Jack & Gayle Macleod


Welcome to Jack Lynne Gayle's Piano Room!!! We are talented piano teachers who have our B.A. degree from Calif. Institute Of The Arts in Valencia, Calif. We have taught piano for over 24 years. In addition, we have also performed on the keyboard at Pizza Man Dan's in Ventura and Oxnard, Calif. Priorwise we performed in Nagoya, Japan on a singing contract.

My husband Jack, myself, Lynne and our sister Gayle are also singer-songwriters. We have recorded a CD titled "Love Moves " - a pop style CD. We are going to have a new CD come out, which is in the planning stages. We hope to have it recorded and released in two months or less.

We have a special love and passion for music since we were raised in a very musical family. We have played flute, guitar,

marimba, piccolo, violin, bass guitar, drums and other instruments at different stages in our lives. We love classical music in addition to pop music and many other types of music. (jazz, funk, reggae, rock, and country music are just some of the types of music we both love and enjoy.).

We love all types of music and musicians and want you to come to Jack Lynne Gayle's Piano Room immediately!!! We recognize that you are most likely more talented than we are!!! Please contact us now to book our Jack LynneGayle's Piano room this very minute!!! It will be an experience you will remember all of your life!!!

We all love you very much!!! And Jack's bear is looking forward to listening to your music/other at our Jack Lynne Gayle's

Piano Room!!!

Love, Lynne, my husband Jack and Gayle

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