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ASK Berlin .

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Upon arriving to the given address I was stuck outside the door for my room booking for the entire hour that I should have been practising. Nobody answered the door and I wasn’t given a code for the door either. As I traveled for a long trip to get to the building I couldn’t risk this happening again and I have now found somewhere else to practise. I believe that I am entitled to a full refund. I would appreciate a response to this message otherwise I will pursue other forms of communication.

Gary B über den Eintrag Übungsraum mit Yamaha Flügel Vor 20 Tagen.
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The response was very quick and everything was very smooth.

I am satisfied especially for the refund policy and its onvenient location. The room was very comfortable and good sonority. I wish if there is active air conditioner/heating.

Kurumi S über den Eintrag Übungsraum mit Yamaha Flügel Vor 24 Tagen.

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