Lazar M

Lazar M

Standort: Brussels. Rue de la Bonté 11, 1060 Brussels.

Musikgenre: european music, classic, pop, jazz

Instrumente: piano, violin, cello, voice, guitar, saxophone, clarinette etc.

Tätigkeit: composer, vocal, instrumental, recording, small expo, small concert, rent room for the online lessons with your teacher, with or without instrument, without the teacher.

Pola Lazar founder and director of the Lazar Music School Brussels, professional pianist, organizer of the concerts, manager, teacher’s interviewer, artist relations manager, ABRSM cooperator, Representative and Jury member of the WroClavile International Piano Competition for Benelux in Poland.

I have 5 rooms with pianos to practice without a teacher in the center of Brussels. Grand, upright and electronic yamahas. For different demands and budget. Students periodical promotions. Multi hours cards promotions.

Renting for students for online lessons with free WI FI fast internet connection.

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3 eingegangene Bewertungen (100% positiv, 3/3)


The grand piano is in a very good condition. The room is very nice. I enjoyed my rehearsing.


Both the Yamaha upright and the Kawai grand were in tune and had a nice touch. The Yamaha is very light to play.

Pola was super communicative and arranged everything in an easy an flexible manner. Also the other staff at the school was nice.


The room and the piano are in very good condition (accurate tuning and intonation) and highly suitable for practicing and rehearsing. Everything was fine and uncomplicated. Communication was very good. I will certainly return to Pola.

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