Piano Studio at Paddington Works Production

Hermitage St, London W2 1BE, UK

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Musikunterricht, Seminare und Workshops, Tonaufnahme, Solo-Übung, Üben - Gesang/Instrumental, Ensembleproben, Proben für Bands
Tutoring, Vocal Coaches, Online lessons
W-LAN, Technik für Tonaufnahme , Küche zur Benutzung, WC, Klimaanlage
Erlaubte Personenzahl (max.): 4
26 - 50 m²
Die Größenangaben sind ungefähre Maße. Diese sind unverbindlich und freiwillig.

Aston Spirit Microphone, an original 1983 Rhodes Stage MKII that has been voiced and tuned to perfection, the Audient iD44, iMac pro, a pair of Yamaha HS7 Monitors & two sets of Audio Technica professional monitor headphones.

We also have a range of other Professional Microphones Available, including a Shure KSM42 Microphone & a stereo matched pair of AKG C414's.

A suspended Vocal Isolation Booth, Ergonomic moving workstation, Wall box with 10 XLR channels, 4 headphone channels, 1 HDMI + 1 CAT 6, Acoustically treated, Fully air conditioned, Circadian Lighting & a Philips air purifier.

All in an Fine Tuned Acoustically treated studio.


The studio is an aesthetic, acoustically treated & comfortable Recording Studio & Writing space used by Pianists, Tutors, Artists​,​ Vocalists​,​ Producers & Record Labels. Living inside one of London's "best kept secret" creative houses​​,​​ Paddington Works Production's purpose built studios have "above industry standard" equipment​​,​​ software + plugins for you to get the best results.

User friendly setup for those who want to just plug-in + record. We also have tons of breakout spaces (chill out zones)​​,​​ free Nespresso coffee to power you + Circadian lighting to power you.


Thanks for using Paddington Works Production.

These Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement ("Agreement") between you and Paddington Works Production (as defined below) governing your access to and use of the Paddington Works Production Facilities.

When these Terms mention “Paddington Works Production,” “us,” “we,” “our,” & “PWP” it refers to the Paddington Works Production company you are contracting with.

Our collection and use of personal information in connection with your access to and use of the PWP Facilities is protected by the Data Protection Act 2018.

1. Production Membership

1.1 Membership continues on a rolling, monthly basis. Cancellation requires 2 weeks’ notice.

1.2 Your membership will start as soon as you purchase a membership scheme. Your membership will renew on your purchase date each month.

1.3 Monthly membership fees are due by your renewal date. They are payable by BACS or standing order and are non-refundable.

1.4 On your renewal date, provided your fees have cleared, you will receive studio credit to cover the month’s membership hours. Studio credit can be used to pay for online bookings.

1.5 You can carry up to 1 month’s credit over to the next month (if previous month 0 credits were spent), meaning you can have up to twice your monthly credit quota in your account at any one time.

1.6 Access to the facilities is subject to availability. We can’t guarantee that your desired hours will be available, but you can book sessions in advance provided they fall within your membership term.

1.7 Setup and takedown must take place within your booked time slot so as not to interfere with other users.

1.8 Membership schemes do not include any assistance such as engineers or producers, but this can be booked for an additional fee.

1.9 Any work and digital content you create on shared studio equipment belongs to you.

2. Studio Rules

2.1 We are a shared space here and have done a high spec work acoustically treating our studios. Both doors to the studio rooms (where applicable) must be completely closed at all times when they are in use.

2.2 No Smoking or zero tolerance to the use of drugs. Anyone caught will be asked to leave, the session will be non-refundable and risk a £100 fine.

2.3 Let’s keep things tidy at PWP. Put any rubbish in the bins provided before you leave and make sure all equipment is returned to its original location.

2.4 If anything breaks during your session, please inform someone as soon as possible. Studios are inspected prior to and after bookings to maintain high standards of equipment quality and record of property.

2.5 Keep the equipment in good repair and condition and replace all missing, damaged or broken equipment with equipment or parts of equal quality and value.

2.6 It is okay to have the odd drink while you are at our studios, but all liquids must be kept away from the equipment at all times. Please use tables and shelves provided. If there are any spillages, make sure they are cleaned up straight away.

2.7 No hot food is allowed in the studios.

2.8 When leaving the Paddington Works Production, please respect our other members by Keeping noise levels to a minimum and leaving the studio free of rubbish.

3. Cancellation

3.1 We have a standard 24 hour hour cancellation policy, but we are human and understand that sometimes, things just happen!

Just let us know.


Mieter können die Buchung bis zu 24 Stunden vor Buchungsbeginn kostenfrei stornieren, sofern die Buchung mindestens 24 Stunden vor Buchungsbeginn erfolgt ist. Die Zahlung wird dann zu 100% erstattet. Ab 24 Stunden vor Buchungsbeginn kann der Mieter nicht mehr kostenfrei stornieren. Der gezahlte Betrag wird nicht zurückerstattet. Vermieter haben immer die Möglichkeit, eine Buchung kostenfrei zu stornieren. Der Mieter wird dann benachrichtigt und die Zahlung wird zu 100% erstattet.
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