Yamaha Upright and Score Library in Colourful Garden Studio

Kingsdown Rd, London N19 4LD, UK

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Musikunterricht, Tonaufnahme, Solo-Übung, Sonstiges, Üben - Gesang/Instrumental, Ensembleproben
W-LAN, WC, Fenster
Erlaubte Personenzahl (max.): 5
10 - 25 m²
Die Größenangaben sind ungefähre Maße. Diese sind unverbindlich und freiwillig.

Generally the ambient noise level is very low indeed, as it's a good distance from the main road.


This studio is situated at the end of my garden in Archway (N19) and is a perfect practice/rehearsal space for solo pianists or chamber music rehearsals (up to 4 musicians - 5 if you don't mind being a bit cosy!). It's a really idyllic spot, and most of the time there's very little ambient noise, as it's a good distance from the main road.

There's an excellent Yamaha upright (U3) - I use it myself for work (I'm a freelance pianist and opera coach) and it's an ideal practice piano! I've gone on a bit of an interior design binge (see photos), so I also hope it would be a fun/atmospheric place to rehearse in!

The studio can be accessed through a side door into my garden, and has its own bathroom, which makes it very COVID safe for people who want to keep at a distance.


Shoes off please (there's a cabinet for them).

Please treat the space and its furnishings with care!


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Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 18 Sep 2021

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Piano studio rooms in North London

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