Our best rehearsal spaces with upright and grand pianos in Brussels

Do you live in Brussels? Perhaps you travel there for work or leisure. You may have noticed that PianoMe offers many rehearsal rooms in and around the city. For your convenience, we’ve put together a quick overview of some of our rehearsal studios, which are available for rent on hourly base in Brussels.

So, which studio is right for you? Well, that depends primarily on why you need the space. Are you simply practicing piano? Or are you preparing for something a bit grander, a professional performance, perhaps? Will you need the studio regularly? Or maybe you need it only occasionally and by the hour. Do you need a studio with a piano or grand piano for teaching? Regardless, PainoMe has you covered.

Perfect for piano practice…

Our centrally located piano rooms come with either an acoustic piano or an e-piano and a fast internet connection: perfect for live events. The rooms are also great for piano classes or singing rehearsals. In addition, our rooms with e-pianos come at a reduced rate. One of our satisfied users wrote, „A lovely school with a great piano. It was easy to access too. It’s good to know there’s a place like this to practice while I’m away from home.“

Ideal for preparing for a competition or concert …

We have a rehearsal room with a Kawai grand piano, perfect for solo practice. The piano is always in tune and a dream to play. „The room is great, as is the piano (accurate tuning and intonation). Both are highly suitable for practicing and rehearsing. The whole process was efficient and uncomplicated,“ wrote one user. Feel free to play without restraint on this sublime instrument in a space specifically designed for this purpose.

This fantastic room, which is easy to get to with public transport, can be rented on an hourly basis and is suitable for private events, such as intimate live performances. Some PianoMe users have also used it for photo shoots.

You need to record …

You’ve rehearsed enough: now it’s time to record. PianoMe can help here, too: How about a studio with a grand piano for your recording? We have one, nestled away on a quiet side street, insulated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many international musicians have already used this space to record their music. „The grand piano is in excellent condition. The room is very nice. I enjoyed recording here,“ said one PianoMe user.

We work hard to find incredible spaces for musicians like you. Every day, we add more and more rooms to our range. Recently, rehearsal rooms have been added in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and London. Have a look at what’s on offer, contact us, and we can keep moving forward and making music together!


The PianoMe-Team