Private piano room in Amsterdam centre

Private room with high ceiling in the centre of Amsterdam, just 10 mins walk away from the Centraal station. A Petrof Bora grand piano is perfect for practice and lesson. Complimentary coffee and tea.

Room with:
Upright Piano
Grand Piano
Concert hall
Brand and model of piano: Petrof Bora P159
Room can be used for:
Practice - Solo Piano
Practice - Singing/instrumental
Ensemble rehearsal
E-Band rehearsal
Piano/music lessons
Seminars and workshops
Audio recording
Recitals and concerts
Other features:
Equipment for recording
Kitchen for use
Air conditioning
Allowed number of person (max.): 2
Room size: < 10 m²
The dimensions quoted are approximate. Therefore, this information is voluntary and non-binding.
Listing created Jul 31, 2018
Cancellation Policy: Hosts can always cancel the booking free of charge. In case of cancellation by a host you will be informed and the full amount will be refunded.

The person hiring the room can cancel the booking free of charge if the booking is cancelled at least 72-hours in advance (before the start of booking). Below is the summary of the cancellation policies made under 72-hours prior to booking start time:

- No refund if cancelled 24-hours in advance.

- 50% refund if cancelled 48-hours in advance.

- 100% refund if cancelled 72-hours in advance.

- Full refund if cancelled at least 72-hours in advance.

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