PianoMe Talks: Interview with concert pianist Daniele Petralia – “PianoMe is a great thing!”

The PianoMe practice rooms, studios and concert halls are not only used by hobby musicians and music students, but also by renowned musicians. One of them is Daniele Petralia. In an interview, the Italian professional pianist told us about his current initiatives and also why he likes PianoMe so much.

PianoMe (PM): Dear Daniele, it is a great pleasure for us that you are ready for an interview with PianoMe! After all, you have a busy schedule.

Daniele Petralia (DP): Yes, that’s right! But I find what PianoMe does very helpful and important. I am happy to take the time for you.

PM: That’s great, thank you! First of all, we would like to briefly introduce you to our readers, even though many of them probably already know you: You are an international concert pianist and have performed as a solo pianist in many different countries around the world – actually the ideal User and Testimonial for PianoMe!

DP: Exactly! When I have a concert in a foreign city, there are not always practice opportunities available to me. I mean I have a lot of friends and my musicians’ network is really very wide, but sometimes I like to rehearse alone. It is not so easy to find a perfect rehearsal location in a foreign city. It’s great to be able to quickly and easily find practice rooms with a piano, or even a grand piano, on PianoMe that I can use by the hour. And often they’re just around the corner from my hotel or from my performance location. With PianoMe I have an overview of what is available – the type of instruments, the location of the practice room and, of course, the rental costs.

PM: This makes us really happy as it is exactly one of the reasons why we founded PianoMe! It should be exactly like this! You also have another main focus in your activities at the moment – would you like to tell us more about that?

DP: You are right. In addition to my activity as a concert pianist, I also offer „Online Advanced Piano Courses“. My students are advanced pianists who appreciate being taught by an international concert pianist. Since such people travel the world a lot, online lessons are ideal for them.

PM: How can our users book your lessons and/or participate on these initiatives?

DP: They can contact me via my website http://www.danielepetralia.com

Daniele Petralia

PM: You are also active at the Académie Européenne de Musique Online, aren’t you?

DP: You are right! I also give lessons there. The European Academy of Online Music is aimed at students of any nationality, at higher and advanced levels, without age limit. The duration of the studies is 2 years, which is comprised of 4 semesters to be graduated at most in 5 years. The active student will receive 8 hours of individual lessons in the instrumental discipline + 2 master classes with a visiting professor. One of these professors will be me. Preparation for international competitions and concert programs are priority objectives for the academy.

PM: Great! And how can our users register for this program?

DP: At: https://www.tvclassique.com/teachers. I am regularly invited to teach piano at the “Master Class” level.

Daniele Petralia

PM: Wow! I also know about your activities at the Accademia Musicale di Roma Capitale. Could you please tell us more about this program?

DP: Till now I only held Master Classes at the Accademia Musicale di Roma Capitale and beginning with the next year we will start with the Annual Course there. The Course is scheduled to be held in presence in Rome and will start in March 2022. Pianists are welcome to register.

PM: Daniele, we recently made a little film for PianoMe together. This gives people an idea of ​​how expressive your piano playing style is …

DP: … and you can also hear what I like about PianoMe! The daily life of a musician is not always easy. PianoMe helps: Those who are not yet well known and do not have their own instrument can rent practice rooms by the hour. Musicians do not have to pay a permanent rent, only the hours they really need. Keeping expenses low is an important factor for many musicians. PianoMe also makes it easy for musicians to share their own studio with other musicians. PianoMe takes care of the whole booking process from the inquiry to payment completion and processes of all bookings, including possible cancellations. Notifications are sent automatically. Download of all bookings is done per mouse click. I haven’t even mentioned all the online and offline marketing activities you undertake for musicians. And all this is for free.

PM: And what is the benefit if one is already very well-known, like you?

DP: Then the benefit that I can spontaneously access a practice room in many different places and cities. The spectrum at PianoMe is also wide: There are not only normal practice rooms with a piano or grand piano, but also concert halls. More and more often now you can even rent recording studios, studios for live stream events and band rehearsal rooms. The platform continues to grow, and that’s a good thing! I would recommend it to every musician. PianoMe is a great thing!

PM: Thank you for the praise! That makes us very proud and shows us that we are on the right track. Do you have any improvements you would suggest for PianoMe?

DP: Just carry on as before!

PM: Gladly! We thank you for the interview and wish you all the best! See you again soon in the rehearsal rooms or concert halls of PianoMe. And maybe also with one of PianoMe’s users at your Master Class.